February 2017

by Dylan Budd

Some Clarity on The Roots Institute

Since we’ve made the announcement regarding RI (Roots Institute) the response has been overwhelmingly positive. There have also been some helpful follow up questions that I imagine will function as FAQ’s in the future. This brief post is an attempt to answer two of those helpful questions that have shown up in various forms these past few weeks.


  1. Do you foresee RI replacing seminary for Roots members who would have otherwise pursued a seminary degree?


For some, yes. For others, no. Regarding the former, I can imagine the access that RI gives to content provided through Ligonier and others will satisfy what that member was looking to gain from a seminary experience. For others, RI may actually confirm their call to seminary. RI was never intended to replace the seminary experience but instead to be a supplemental tool within Roots to further equip all of our people for gospel ministry. We’re very grateful to the role that many seminaries have played in equipping men and women for local church ministry.


  1. Is RI designed to expose Roots members to theological traditions that challenge the way we typically approach the scriptures and/or philosophy of ministry?


No. The aim for RI is to be a supplemental extension of the teaching ministry at Roots. Our hope for RI is that it will become a helpful platform that enhances are ability to equip Roots members for gospel ministry. That said, the resources we’re leaning on for content (Ligonier for example) has a teaching faculty filled with an array of denominational backgrounds. So, as a consequence, there will be exposure to traditions that may administer the sacraments differently or implement different liturgies than us but the core of the theology (from our experience) is in harmony with our approach to the scriptures. With that said, we certainly can’t wholesale indorse all the content simply because we haven’t vetted everything.


Hope this is helpful! 

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