August 2016

by Dylan Budd

Family Worship 8/21/16

We’re having another “Roots Family Worship” this Sunday 8/21/16. These Sunday’s are quickly becoming a cherished time for our community as we invite all the kiddo’s in with us for “big church”. In case you missed the last one and/or are curious why we do this, here are a few reasons why we think this is a healthy rhythm for our church:

-Our kids will watch their parents pay ultimate allegiance to Jesus Christ in corporate worship

-Our kids will watch mom and dad (and others) repent of sin and seek out prayer and counsel from God’s people

-Our kids will hear the word of God preached and be able to exercise the discipline of listening

-Our kids will be exposed to communion (some for the first time) prompting questions about what it is and why it’s important

-Our kids will be welcomed and cared for by “big church”. This will get them ready and excited for when they come in full time after 6th grade.

Finally, this will disrupt any notion that church is somehow not a family. Having the kids in Sunday worship will no doubt be a sweet experience but it will also be a bit messy and maybe frustrating at times. And this will remind us that we are a family gathered around Christ and not professional Christians coming in for our weekly gospel shot in the arm 🙂




We’re excited! See you all Sunday


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